• Marcel Ramirez


Today is May 5, 2021 and I will try to explain how the demonstrations are coordinated in Colombia, using social networks, the hidden internet, and from outside Colombia.

The first thing we have been able to establish is that there is an army of TROLL and BOTS accounts that are being used to attack institutions in Colombia, set fire to social networks and organize demonstrations throughout the country.

7,753 TROLL accounts are being used in Colombia for demonstrations and to control politicians in their publications.

The organizers of the protests in Colombia remain hidden working from the hidden internet without being detected, taking advantage of the fact that the authorities do not have the electronic tools or the knowledge to enter the hidden network and be able to defend themselves from these attacks.

These accounts are mainly dedicated to:

  1. False publications of all kinds to support the protests and make the population think that the police and the army are murdering people in the streets.

  2. Attack anyone who speaks out against the protests and praise everyone who approves of them.

  3. Report publications against the demonstrations.

  4. Create trends in hashtags

  5. Manipulate the algorithms of the networks so that certain publications are considered SPAM.

They are managed from TROLLS farms or warehouses in Bangaldesh, Mexico and Venezuela. The TROLLS of the Mexican and Venezuelan farms use Russian servers and the one in Bangladesh uses Korean and Chinese servers, to evade the controls of the American authorities.

Of the 7,533 TROLLS accounts detected, 4,233 are from Bangladesh using Korean and Chinese servers.

For example, we take the Facebook profile of "Jendeukie" who says she is from Seoul, but lives in Cali, and is dedicated to publishing videos about the demonstrations, where she assures that the police are killing people.

This profile until a week ago published things from Korea and China and, in the last 5 days, it began to publish supporting the demonstrations in Cali.

The profile has publications that unbelievably reach more than 3,000 comments, 3,400 reactions and 133,000 shares, in less than 24 hours.

It has been possible to detect more than 7,000 identical profiles created outside of Colombia.

Colombia is under cyber attack, Anonymus published data from Credit Cards of various officials and businessmen. We were able to detect that two banking entities, AV VILLAS and DAVIVIENDA, were attacked and part of the customer information stolen, which is being published on social networks. The intention is to destabilize the country economically.

Several databases in Colombia have been stolen in recent days, many of these databases have very sensitive information such as account numbers and credit cards.

Anonymus notices that he has infiltrated police radio and uses it to schedule attacks on state assets.

The first thing is to affect the supply of food and supplies in general and then affect the mobilization of people.

All attacks and meetings are coordinated through WhatsApp groups and various Facebook groups created in favor of Gustavo Petro's candidacy are also used. Posts are made at 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, they stay on the platform for 2 minutes and are then deleted so they cannot be traced.

At 8:00 am it is coordinated which groups will be activated that day (City and area to attack), because the same groups do not work every day. After obtaining the reports of where the police and the army will be, at 3:00 pm the attacks at 5:00 pm are coordinated, and at 6:00 pm the attacks at night are coordinated.

This Facebook page, which really has its origin in China, is one of those that coordinates the actions in Colombia, and has 134,000 followers.

His advertisements until 5 days ago had not a single relationship with Colombia, but now he is dedicated to publishing videos of the protests and sets fire to social networks against the police.

The user "Mayer" of Facebook, published today a video where they warn that they are going to go out to kill policemen.

The incredible thing about this is that neither Facebook nor Twitter have deleted the video despite the threats and violence it generates.

Here is the video that is published on Facebook and Twitter and that inexplicably has not been deleted by these social networks.

Here is the video where he threatens a cyber attack on Colombian institutions and President Ivan Duque. This video was made in English, but it was posted from China.

From April 25 to May 5, 48% of the publications on social networks were made by TROLLS accounts

Of the 125,345 publications there have been about the demonstrations in the last two weeks, 55% of the information that circulates in Networks is false.

The publications of Anonymus and other anarchist and violent groups like ACAB are pushed with great force in the networks and especially in the most popular and numerous Facebook groups, with more than 200,000 users per group.

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