• Marcel Ramirez


Gustavo Petro widely leads the intention of votes in Colombia, the difference between him and his immediate follower, Sergio Fajardo, is 15 points, which has a very clear explanation, his spectacular digital campaign that crushes all his opponents.

Next, we are going to review the registered data of the digital campaign on the way to the Presidency of Colombia.

This data was collected between August 1 and September 8, 2021. We have not measured the candidate Alejandro Gaviria, because he just joined the electoral contest a few days ago, and the reading of him would not be real.

The first thing we are going to review is the number of followers that the main candidates for the Presidency of Colombia have.

Gustavo Petro widely leads social networks, in number of followers and interactions, his publications generate a lot of interaction, which very quickly turn them into trends. He has a powerful Twitter with over 4,000,000 followers and a Facebook page with about 1,500,000 followers. There are also more than 150 groups on Facebook, Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram that generate trends in networks.

Politicians in Colombia, move mostly on Facebook and Twitter, the networks Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are not very exploited yet.

Publications on social networks are also led by Gustavo Petro, in the last 30 days, more than 4,000,000 publications related to the candidate were made on Facebook, and on Twitter there were more than 3,000,000, while his most immediate follower , Sergio Fajardo, barely reached 2,400,000 posts on Facebook and 1,980,000 on Twitter.

Gustavo Petro also leads the trends on GOOGLE TRENDS, with a crushing difference over his immediate follower who is the candidate Maria Fernanda Cabal.

The search trends by regions in Colombia are led by Gustavo Petro according to GOOGLE TRENDS, only in three regions are they led by Maria Fernanda Cabal.

The most important publications in networks of the last 30 days are also led by the Petro candidate with more than 90,000 likes in a single publication on Facebook that was made only 5 days ago. Not a single post by any of the candidates comes even remotely close.


Gustavo Petro has understood the importance of the digital campaign and that is why we see him with a very organized plan, making Facebook life, scheduling meetings for space, doing YouTube life, starting to position himself on Instagram and TikTok, etc.

The rest of the candidates are thinking about traditional campaigns without giving the importance that digital deserves.

From this platform we will report every 15 days how the electoral campaign in Colombia will develop within the digital field.

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