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On this page I am going to explain the methodology that I am using to collect data from all digital activity and make projections of voting intentions with Artificial Intelligence.

10 years ago, citizens were in front of a TV, reading a newspaper or listening to a radio. Today voters are in front of a computer or with a mobile phone and are informed on Social Networks or Internet search engines.

95% of voters have an Internet connection through a mobile phone and spend between 7 and 10 hours a day browsing. 

Political communication and its strategic planning have changed and today the battles are fought on Social Networks. 

Data mining and Artificial Intelligence is the future of strategic planning and communication. 


We collect all digital activity from Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube)  and Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo)

  • Publications in networks related to the candidates (We track the entire universe of social networks, we are able to monitor 50,000,000 accounts of a network at the same time)

  • Post interactions (likes, shares, comments for and against, views)

  • We detect Trolls - Robots and fake accounts. We trace their origin, detect their IP and cancel them. We work with META and TWITTER in the "TROLLS Hunters" program

  • We pick up trends and topics that cause outbursts. We interpret the algorithms of the Networks to create trends. 

  • News related to the candidates, we establish how many times they are read and from where they are being read.

  • Internet searches related to the candidate. 

  • Events that draw the attention of voters and are searched for on social networks and the internet. 

We collect all the information from the population censuses in the last 30 years

We collect all the information about the electoral results in the last 30 years.

Using a DATABASE software with BLOCKCHAIN technology we distribute and store the information.

All this collected DATA feeds an Artificial Intelligence software which analyzes and projects the intention of votes based on the behavior of voters in their history and in the current digital world. 


To plan a campaign we add the digital behavior of voters 

  • Geographic location 

  • Usual connection hours 

  • From where they connect, if it is a mobile phone or a base computer

  • Which are your usual social networks

  • What are your favorite search and discussion topics

  • Where they interact 

  • What are the news that attracts the most attention?

  • What are the issues that concern you the most?

We establish how many votes we need to win and from which group we can obtain it

We create a voter profile. 

We create micro campaigns aimed at voters according to their profile 

With Artificial Intelligence we can measure the effective penetration of the campaign in real time and without the need for surveys. This also allows us to correct errors and modify the campaign quickly without having to wait for the results of a survey that can take up to 7 days. 


I am always in search of new opportunities. Let's connect.

(1) 305 399 0122

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