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Marcel Ramirez, born in Guayaquil - Ecuador,  Political Consultant, specialist in Political Marketing, political analyst for several international media.

Pioneer in Latin America in the structuring of political campaign strategies, based on Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Creator of the most important database of the Hispanic electorate in the US and throughout Latin America  Our database is consulted by the majority of candidates for a political position in all of America. Data mining is the new technology for structuring electoral campaigns, it is cheaper, faster and more accurate than traditional polls.

I started with the SCL group (Strategic Communication Laboratories) who in 2013 created the Cambridge Analytica company, which I started to work for from 2013 to 2016, when I began to collaborate with the TRUMP - PENCE Campaign and then in the 2020 re-election. .

In January 2021, he created the company MR Analytica, the first Hispanic company to manage data and apply artificial intelligence for electoral campaigns.

Development  strategies  digital  campaign, for the Latin American electorate based on data mining and artificial intelligence.

I was founding President in Ecuador of the Papa por Siempre Foundation, which brings together parents who after separation or divorce CANNOT see their children, we are the first group created to defend the rights of men, we managed to place in the Political Constitution of Ecuador the "Shared Custody" of children.

I was founding President of the Colombian Association  of Users of Private Vehicles (acuvp) achieving for the first time in the history of Colombia that the governments pay attention to the requirements of the owners of private vehicles and stop the excessive collection of taxes on motor vehicles.

I am a founding member of the American Political Marketing Association, and I am also a member of the review panel of papers for the annual awards.


1.- We collect the historical information of the latest electoral results, then we collect the information from the population census and we join this with all the trace that people leave on the internet (activity in social networks - activity in search engines - News that called the attention - purchases - participation in forums - etc.)

2.- Through DATA management software, and using BlockChain technology, we create blocks of information and segment the population as follows:

     a.- Geophgraphically

     b.- Age - Sex - Gender

     c.- Activity in Search Engines

     d.- News search

     e.- Purchases

     F.-  Activity in Social Networks

     g.- Political Orientation

     h.- topics of interest

3.- With the collected and segmented Data, we feed an Artificial Intelligence software that allows us  develop more precise and direct strategies to reach voters.

4.- The Artificial Intelligence software also allows us to measure and project the behavior of voters when voting. we can accurately measure the voting intention of the population, without the need for surveys.

Surveys fail a lot, because they are not measuring internet activity.

We are the only company in America that uses state-of-the-art technology for the structuring of Electoral Strategies.

We are the only ones who record the data of internet activity during electoral campaigns.  

Interview on CANAL 1 of Ecuador to analyze digital activity within political campaigns. 

Invitation to participate in the POLITICALLY CORRECT Program of Ecuavisa in Ecuador. We analyze the second electoral round. 

Interview on CANAL 1 of Ecuador, analysis of the second electoral round in Ecuador. 





El Comercio newspaper of Ecuador, makes an analysis on the results of the surveys.

Marcel Ramirez, participates as an expert in this report.

Click on the image or the button to see the report. 

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